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Local News: Another House Price Fall

Today,  we have received another letter from an Estate Agent via one of our members. This letter estimates the fall in their home price at £50,000 on a house typical of the area. We note there are about ten properties … Continue reading

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Wrey’s Barton Turbine. A poor location?

Using the Government’s own NOABLS model of average wind speed for a height of 45 meters,  shows that from a performance perspective, the the Wrey’s Barton turbine is located in a very poor area. We have overlaid the speed info … Continue reading

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Protests Falling on Deaf Ears? Now we know why…

A new study suggests that the low frequency noise, typical of wind turbines, might be making us go deaf. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2775222/Could-living-near-wind-farm-make-DEAF-Low-frequency-hum-damage-inner-ear-experts-warn.html I guess the pro-wind farm lobby have spent too much time near them…     Update from the  Western Morning … Continue reading

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Image: Cumulative Zone of Theoretical Visibility for Planned Turbines

Here is an approximate  map with areas tinted red where at least the tip of a proposed wind turbine is visible. The deeper the tint, the more turbines you will be able to see. HInt: click to enlarge

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