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Today we heard the news we’d hoped for, Wreys Barton turbine application has been refused.  The full text of the refusal is yet to be published.  Here is the official statement DECISION NOTICE – Wreys Barton

This is our summary:

  1. Harmful impact to Stowford Church, other village listed buildings and the Conservation Area,  particularly from the western Hayne to Stowford approach road.
  2. Harmful impact to Hayne Manor and its Registered Park and Garden.
  3. Harmful cumulative impact in conjunction with other existing and proposed turbines in the area.
  4. Harmful impact to the character of the landscape of Stowford and Thrushelton.
  5. In accordance with the Ministerial Statement of the 18th June and subsequent new guidance, WDBC has made a judgement that the development does not have the backing of the local community. 

Thank you to EVERYONE.  A great show of “people power”. The best form of renewable energy on the planet!

A screening and scoping opinion has been submitted for a 225KW wind turbine at Willton Farm Cross Farm just North of the Rexon Cross 67M turbine. Torridge District Council have decided that an EIA will not be required. This is an extraordinary development given the height and the area affected and considering the law.  Also, all public comments have been removed from the Torridge website.

The Ridgecombe wind turbine application has been refused.



At the last count, there were 403 objections -Thank you!

Whilst the response window has officially closed, representations of objection may still be accepted by WDBC until the date of decision, if you feel you missed your chance there may be no harm in making a submission.

You can Object online here  and ANYONE can object.

Link to WDBC Wreys Barton Planning Documents

Stowford And Lewdown Turbine Action Group


What is the problem?

We already have three 250ft wind turbines in or close to Lewdown and Stowford with plans for more to be erected. Yet the energy giant Murex has desires to erect another 25 storey high turbine at Wreys Barton  Farm between Stowford, Thrushelton and Lewdown. This will overshadow our villages, compete on the sky line with Thrushelton Church and Stowford conservation area.

  • It will devalue your property even if the turbine is not in your immediate view (confirmed by a local Estate Agent – no one wants to live near a turbine). Turbines significantly reduce the desirability of an area with the inevitable result of reducing house prices.
  • It could cause flicker problems for those in sight of this Turbine.
  • Flashing light nuisance. The turbine will be required to have a bright red aviation warning light beacon at hub height which will flash constantly during hours of darkness causing further annoyance.
  • Noise. The turbine will be with 600m of some properties and the intrusive vibrations from turbines have been detected tens of km away
  • There are already 3 similar sized wind turbines at Lifton (77m), Wortham (77m), and Roadford Lake (67m) with another proposed at Ridgecombe Farm (67m)in Lifton.
  • If we do not STOP this you will soon be living within a giant Wind Farm. If this turbine goes ahead more will surely follow and the next one might be 500m from your property.
  • Did you know our government pays Energy companies (recently £3m per day) to turn off wind turbines when its very windy as we can’t use or store all the energy generated.
  • The huge size of the turbines is chosen to exploit a loophole in regulations and so maximise the cash-flow of turbine operators without regard to the impact on the landscape.

A study* by St. Andrews University found that property value dropped by up to 54% in homes near turbines:

This will not be the last turbine for this area – more are coming!


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