SALTAG Dissolution

Important Notice

A proposal was made and unanimously agreed upon by the committee and AGM attendees to dissolve SALTAG and merge with MABRAKE (Milton Abbot, BRadstone and KElly) local action group.

It is the decision of the committee and AGM attendees that the combined group will be stronger together and more effective in their important work of fighting against the inappropriate sighting of large Wind Turbines in the local area.  It is felt the combined group will be able to continue with more efficiency and include a wider remit of challenging other potential issues such as future siting of large pylons and large solar arrays.

The process of dissolving SALTAG and joining Mabrake

The committee will remain in place until the process of joining with Mabrake is complete and then step down.


Funds held by SALTAG will be transferred to MABRAKE (currently £319.43)

How this will affect you as a SALTAG member

For compliance with Data Protection purposes, we will NOT be sharing personal information with MABRAKE and upon completion of the merger we will delete all data currently held. Instead we strongly encourage you to join MABRAKE directly.

If you would like to become a member of Mabrake please forward your name and address to


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