Note date change (was 7/11/2018):

The 2018 AGM will be held in the Blue Lion, Lewdown at

7.30pm on Wednesday, 14th November, 2018.



Welcome and apologies for absences

Review Minutes of previous meeting

Matters arising from Minutes of previous meeting

  1. Simon H volunteered to provide a zero cost solution to host the web site
  2. Simon H will try and get removed the “site of proposed turbine”  posted on Google
    maps, as this is now out of date information.
  3. The meeting approved the suggestion from the Chairman to donate £25 to MABRAKE
    towards David Gynn’s leaving gift.
  4. The meeting approved the reimbursement to Nick for the web site fees
  5. Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s report as to finances, giving income and expenditure, present balances held, forecasts as to future cash flow and needs.

Any Other Business

  1. Proposed extension of Tamar AONB,
  2. Mabrake volunteers
  3. GDPR
  4. SALTAG future plans
  5. Voting for Officers
  6. Other items, at discretion of the Chairman.
  7. Announcements (if any)
  8. Conclusion of business including the date, time and location of the next meeting.
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