Material Considerations

Last night we all gathered together at a Parish Council meeting to listen to the arguments concerning the Wreys Barton turbine application.

We heard about the usual legally important things like Cumulative effect, Shadow, Noise, Visual Amenity, Hertitage Assets etc etc. I’d heard it all before and my mind started to wander.

I thought back to the planning workshop  we held a few days earlier. Many people I talked to told much the same story.  They chose this part of the world to settle down in because they loved the landscape with it’s natural beauty and tranquility.  Some were born here, others had invested their entire life savings to make this a place they could enjoy for the rest of their lives. I’ll swear some were near tears. So was I.

These turbines ultimately are supposed to serve the people. Therefore, I have to ask, in this great inexact planning balancing equation,  why don’t people count at all?



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