SALTAG March 2015 Newsletter

We thought it would be a good idea to share an update on activities.


We have obtained a CAA permit to fly a tethered balloon near the proposed Wrey’s Barton turbine site.

We originally planned to fly a blimp that would be visible over a wide area but funding constraints have forced us to scale down our efforts to use several smaller balloons. This will reduce the visible range but will be sufficient to allow us to use their height and position to construct several photo-montages that will overlay the turbine on an image to demonstrate the impact. It does limit the activity to still air days. We hope to have that accomplished in the next few weeks.

We had approached Murex asking for permission to fly the balloons from the actual site but they refused it. A disappointing, though not entirely unexpected response and hardly in the spirit of providing public information transparency to which a developer is supposed to adhere.

Planning Application Status

The application could still go in any day. It is not unusual for them to appear unexpectedly many months or even years later as happened with the Milton Abbott and Lamerton schemes, so we must remain vigilant. We do understand that there is some political uncertainty due to the forthcoming General Election. We monitor West Devon’s Planning Applications constantly.

We have prepared a plan of action for responses which will be executed as soon as the application is made. Please take advantage of this time to prepare your case.


To date, direct fundraising has fallen short of the target of £2,290 set in our last appeal. We are setting a new goal of raising substantial additional funds by 1st June 2015. To this end we have appointed Simon and Monique Hedger, ably assisted by Ron and Cecile Harrow as a fund raising team. They are already hard at work organising an evening of ‘Wine and Wisdom’ at the Blue Lion on April 23rd. We will circulate more details soon. A similar event by our associated group in Lifton was very much enjoyed by all so please make a note in your diary and plan to come. Please help us by letting us know if you do plan to come by emailing

If you are able to donate items for hampers as prizes it would be much appreciated. Contact us at the email address above if you are able to help.

If you are not able to attend please make a donation via the website


You may not be aware, but there is a significant effort by Nigel Adams with a private member’s bill to halt subsidies for wind turbines that urgently requires your support, see Bill . The first reading was held on January 21st and narrowly passed by only two votes. A single defector would have defeated this important initiative. Notably, our MP Geoffrey Cox, was not present at the vote. We urge you to contact your MP and ask for their support in time for the second reading to be held on 6th March. Whilst the chances of obtaining traction are slim we believe that a significant statement can be made that we hope will get the attention of the Government in view of the forthcoming elections.

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