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LFN and infrasound. Affecting the future of the industry?

Attached is a report which reaches the conclusion that  low frequency noise and infrasound form wind turbines could be of such a level that the future of the industry might be threatened. Shirley-Wisconsin-ILFN-Report

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De-rating and the FIT Loophole

A loophole in a popular subsidy scheme for small wind power projects is boosting the spread of bigger turbines and could end up costing energy consumers more than £400m, it has been claimed. The feed-in tariff scheme that began operating … Continue reading

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Is it time for Compensation?

The storm clouds might be gathering over the turbine developer’s happy horizons.   Based on the precedent of compensation for home owners blighted by the HS2 development,  the principle is established for compensation for those affect by a commercial development. … Continue reading

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Turbines? What Happened to Global Warming?

In today’s Telegraph, it is revealed that at least some of the data evidencing global warming has been fiddled. Indeed the corruption of the data is such that a cooling trend has been turned into a warming one. Why would anyone … Continue reading

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