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The Copper’s P.O. gets a SALTAG donation box

Look out for the SALTAG donation box that the Coppers store in Lewdown have so kindly agreed to host.  

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Image: Cumulative Zone of Theoretical Visibility for Planned Turbines

Here is an approximate  map with areas tinted red where at least the tip of a proposed wind turbine is visible. The deeper the tint, the more turbines you will be able to see. HInt: click to enlarge

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2020 Onshore Wind Turbine Target Already Met

From the *Renewble Energy Foundation, a letter from Ed Davey confirms that on shore wind targets are already met Why are we still building them? via Keith Tayler     *The Renewable Energy Foundation is a registered charity (1107360) promoting sustainable … Continue reading

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How Did We Get into this Mess?

Before we start, let’s make it absolutely clear that we are completely neutral when it comes to  political parties. It’s just chance that both these stories are related to the same political party. A while back we asked this very … Continue reading

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A Failure to deliver : Power from Wind Turbines slumps – due to lack of wind.

This is another example of just how unpredictable wind power is. According to the attached article from the Daily Telegraph, second quarter output for offshore wind turbines fell by 22% and by 17% for onshore production, despite massive new construction … Continue reading

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The Planning Process – A Simplified Flowchart

  Data source:

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I don’t see it happening here and not that I think compensation for a questionable idea is the right route, but at least it does bring the point home that we are being hurt by these turbines. Interestingly, the … Continue reading

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3D Map of Wind Turbines in West Devon

It’s been a while since we made a post. We, i.e. the web site folk, have been working on something a little special for you. We thought it would be nice for you have interactive visualization of what the area … Continue reading

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SALTAG Makes the Tavistock Times Gazette Sept, 18th

Tavistock Times Gazette today had an article about the protest at Stowford Parish Hall last week (see page 15) and also featured letters  (see page 6) from two of our members. Support the ‘Times’ – get a copy and read … Continue reading

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Murex/RMA required to do EIA

West Devon Borough Council have reached a decision on the screening and scoping opinion and require that Murex execute an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed turbine at Wrey’s Barton. Briefly they will be required to report on Ecology Landscape … Continue reading

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