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Turbines? What Happened to Global Warming?

In today’s Telegraph, it is revealed that at least some of the data evidencing global warming has been fiddled. Indeed the corruption of the data is such that a cooling trend has been turned into a warming one. Why would anyone … Continue reading

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The Magic of Subsidies

If ever there were something that accomplishes magic, then subsidies just might be it. See how it works.   You sprinkle some subsidy fairy dust on to renewable electricity prices  and suddenly there are wind turbines everywhere! The magic doesn’t … Continue reading

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Supporters of wind turbines don’t have to live with them

Lies, lies… …and statistics.   Did you know that 70% of the population supports wind turbines?   Read on…    

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Wrey’s Barton Turbine. A poor location?

Using the Government’s own NOABLS model of average wind speed for a height of 45 meters,  shows that from a performance perspective, the the Wrey’s Barton turbine is located in a very poor area. We have overlaid the speed info … Continue reading

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2020 Onshore Wind Turbine Target Already Met

From the *Renewble Energy Foundation, a letter from Ed Davey confirms that on shore wind targets are already met Why are we still building them? via Keith Tayler     *The Renewable Energy Foundation is a registered charity (1107360) promoting sustainable … Continue reading

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I don’t see it happening here and not that I think compensation for a questionable idea is the right route, but at least it does bring the point home that we are being hurt by these turbines. Interestingly, the … Continue reading

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Wind Farm Owners Get £70m to do Nothing

I expect you’ve seen this in the news, wind turbine owners get paid to not produce power. How absurd! Surely National Grid is the customer and if they don’t use something then they shouldn’t be expected to pay for it. … Continue reading

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