‘Excessive’ green taxes are forcing up fuel bills, official review finds

Green taxes will cost the average household almost £150 from next year, according to energy firms.

Prof Helm said this was “significantly higher than it needs to be” to meet the Government’s objectives of cutting down on the use of fossil fuels and 
promoting renewable energy.

He was asked to undertake the research after Theresa May, the Prime Minister, vowed to tackle “rip-off” bills. However, the industry expert placed the blame on the Government’s own policies.

“Significant institutional reform” should be brought in to reduce the Government’s role and allow the market to function efficiently, Prof Helm said.

‘Excessive’ green taxes are forcing up fuel bills, official review finds

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2017 AGM Blue Lion 7:30pm Thurday 2nd November

Just a quick announcement for the SALTAG Annual General Meeting.

Agenda – SALTAG

The Blue Lion, 7:30pm Nov 2nd 2017

  1. Welcome and apologies for absences

  2. Review Minutes of previous meeting

  3. Matters arising from Minutes of previous meeting

    1. Progress on working with local Parish Councils to help formulate a neighbourhood plan.

  4. Chairman’s Report

  5. Treasurer’s report as to finances, giving income and expenditure, present balances held, forecasts as to future cash flow and needs.

  6. Any Other Business

    1. Belated contribution to David Gynn’s leaving gift.

    2. Voting for Officers

    3. Other items, at discretion of the Chairman.

  7. Announcements (if any)

  8. Conclusion of business including the date, time and location of the next meeting.

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Britain facing energy crisis that could see families pay extra to keep the lights on while neighbours ‘sit in the dark’

We have been warning about this.  Now it looks like it is going to happen. Renewable energy supplies are so unreliable that you might need to pay even more on top of the subsidy you already pay to have a reliable supply.



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The Destruction of Reliable Energy Supplies

The obsession with global warming will put the lights out all over Britain – The Telegraph

We are destroying our sources of secure energy as windless Wednesday showed this week

The Destruction of Reliable Energy Supplies

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Message From Longcross AG re Cardwelll

Hello everybody,

This is just a short note to say thanks to you for writing in to W.D.B.C. to oppose the wind turbine application at Cardwell Farm. Without your help and support the result could have been very different. As a small hamlet we had to rely on your support and you came through; all of us are grateful to you for taking the time and effort to do this.

It goes to show that working together we can achieve things and with organisations like SALTAG to help us along we can be a force to be reckoned with. Our thanks to you all once again and if friends and family wrote in but do not look at the MABRAKE or SALTAG site please pass our thanks to them too.

Andy Harrap on behalf of Longcross Action Group.

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No More Money for Renewables

Now, laid bare for all the see, what we have been saying all along about the cost of renewables. The Government have run out of money to pay for them


A16PFE Wind turbines against a stormy sky, Llandinam, Powys

A16PFE Wind turbines against a stormy sky, Llandinam, Powys



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Cardwell Farm – Update & Planning Documents

Our neighbours fighting the Cardwell farm turbine and who have supported us now need our help. Please read this letter from them copied below.

Link to application  and you can find a clone of the Cardwell Farm planning application documents here 

A full planning application for a wind turbine at Cardwell Farm, Longcross, has now been submitted to West Devon Borough Council by Mr P Alford and a company from Birmingham called Planex.

We need everyone who is against this proposal to write, email or object online to the above address for West Devon Borough Council. The proposer P Alford has had a lot of support from his relatives and friends so we desperately need your objections.
We have helped support all your other turbine objections so please help us.
All objections have to be lodged by 26th June at the latest when submissions close.

We are also holding our own fundraising, information, cheese and wine evening on
Friday 26th June 7.30pm at The Old Chapel so please come along and support us.
Funds will be used for ink, paper, letters, postage and printing of special maps etc.
There will be a charge of £5.00 for the cheese and biscuits but we will throw in an
alcoholic drink for free, (bargain time). There will be a raffle as well at £1.00 a strip of 5 tickets.

However, if you cannot be at the fundraising evening can we also take this
opportunity to ask for donations, however small because we are a very tiny community here at Longcross and the cost of printing, ink, photo montages are expensive and we need your help and support so any donation to Andy Harrap at the Old Chapel address would be appreciated.

For guidance on writing your objection, please click here LAG appeal 2


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Letter From the Chairman

We recently circulated this  Letter from the Chairman

Here is is again case you missed it .

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No more windfarms unless local people say yes, says new Energy Secretary

In the Telegraph  17/5/2015

“No more on shore wind farm schemes will be given the go ahead unless they have the support of local people, the new Energy secretary has said.”

We will wait to see how this develops and trust that single turbines are included in the plans.

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Living with Turbines: Shadow Flicker

It’s hard to believe it’s allowed:-



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